"Mark - carried several boxes of sticks up north to a remote FOB in Kunduz Province and they were greatly appreciated. Special helicopter delivery!

Thanks again, JT"


"Good morning Mark,

My name is Cpl Garvin, I am a Marine with the 15th MEU, currently stationed on the USS PELELIU. The old Iron Nickel, we are one month into our eight month deployment and on the other side of the globe, couldn’t tell you where specifically though. Being as the holidays are approaching and it is so few and far between mail drops on ship I was hoping to send a request for maybe some Christmas goodies and such, for my small section. We are the Data, wire, and Satellite guys for the Command Element. We are less than 20 deep for people in our small section but there are a lot of Jr. Marines in our section so it would be a great moral booster. Thank you for everything you do to support Military overseas.




On behalf of the 426th Civil Affairs Battalion (A), I would like to thank you for your kind and generous support to our Battalion.
We have enjoyed the Cigars and other stuff enormously and indeed it has helped us deal with both joyous and sad times. I have attached a picture of my team so you know who we are.  If in the future you should need anything, I am adding my contact info in the states. Please do not hesitate to call if there's something we can do for you.
Romeo Pulikkathara"


"I am Chief Master Sergeant Jim Hampton with the 557 Expeditionary RED HORSE Squadron in Afghanistan. We have received several packages from your wonderful group. I am personal friends with Mary and Dick Phelps, two of your volunteers. I live in Lutz, Florida and I would love to shake your hand a personally thank you when I return. I cannot express our gratitude for all you are doing and the continued support of the troops.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

God Bless you all,



"Merry Christmas Mark,

I am afraid that any Packages you send out after Christmas won't make it here before I leave here. This is because I have about two weeks left in country. I am not sure if the replacing unit will use the same address or not. Just in case, I will pass your information on to him. His name is SSgt Robert Fields. Thank you very much for the packages you sent out here, they were great.


SSgt Shasteen, S.R
Camp Bastion, Afghanistan"


“Mr. Williams,

Thank you so very much for today's case of goodies! The box arrived on Halloween, so I went around wishing people a happy Halloween, and inviting them to tomorrow's chapel services!

Your gifts went to units that usually do not get a chaplain or chaplain assistant visit. Their units do not have a chaplain team. They are happy to see us when we come around. Normally, we bring jalapeño popcorn (someone donated a popcorn machine, and we get jalapeños from the chow hall). But, today the box of cigars went to the Sea Bees... one of their men found out yesterday that he is a dad. He lit up like a Christmas tree when he was given the box of cigars. What a great treat, and a way for him to celebrate with his colleagues.

Two female sailors came in the chapel annex just to ask for some directions, and they left with some of your toiletries, and a couple of candy bars.”


"Mr Van Trees:

I received two cases of your gifts today! You will have made my Chaplain Assistant very happy... when he sees the box of Samoas that I am going to place on his desk! He was mentioning that type of cookie.

Also, in your gift box, there was a bag of travel size toiletries. We are a few days away from the rotation of troops. So, many people will be coming by to ask for travel sized items. You know how TSA won't allow anyone to bring a can of shaving cream, or a tube of toothpaste. So, you have come to the rescue of several people.

The Doritos and Bugles are going to be gone within a few hours...I'm sure! I have opened the doors to the Chapel Annex a couple of hours early...it's nice to see the sunshine for a couple of hours a day...and people have been coming in. A few have taken away some of the M&Ms.

Being a fan of the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts (Eagle Scout 1976), I will place out the popcorn when I finish this note. I have a great place for it to sit...right next to our microwave oven. After Chapel Services on Sunday we turn on the television to football, and I know that the popcorn will be enjoyed.

May I ask you a favor? The boxes are mailed to me here at the camp. When it is my turn to redeploy back to home station your boxes will sit in the mailroom as undeliverable, since I'm not around. May I ask you to change the mailing label to: Chaplain / Camp McCool / PRG 6-16A / APO, AE 09354. This way they will always get delivered.

Until I leave, I will continue to gratefully share your blessings with our men and women at the tip of the spear.

God bless you for loving us and for praying for us.

Grace and strength,
Chaplain McGuire"