Mark Van Trees is the director of Support the Troops, a non profit that ships care packages to the forward operating bases in Afghanistan. Additional care packages are sent to 24 bases in the United States for troops returning from Afghanistan.
Mark Van Trees
Army Ranger (Ret) & Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
Gary Littrell
Green Beret Special Forces Veteran & Former Senior Advisor to: General Officers, Senior Civilian Policy Makers, Interagency Task Force Members, as well as House and Senate Committee Members.
Scott Neil
Air Force (Ret)  - Over 50 Years of Service. Special Asst. to Secretary of the Navy & Member of the Federal Senior Executive Services (SES).
Tom O'neill
Port of Tampa Chief Executive Officer & Former Chief Executive Officer at the Jacksonville Port Authority.
Paul Anderson
Gary Beikirch is a former United States Army combat medic who received the United States military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in the Vietnam War.
SGT Gary Beikirch
Lawrence Nicholson is a United States Marine Corps Lieutenant General who served as Commanding General for III Marine Expeditionary Force, having previously commanded the 1st Marine Division and Regimental Combat Team 1 during Operation Phantom Fury.
LTG Lawrence Nicholson
United States Marine Corps (Ret). Was the Fourth Commander of Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC).
Major General Mark A. Clark
Air Force (Ret). Volunteer Who Donates Time, Energy, and Effort.