Pizzo Elementary Letter of Thanks

Dear Mr. Van Trees,

Pizzo Elementary would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your generous donation of snacks and gifts for our students through our Family Dinners in October and February of this school year. The dinners have benefited pre-k through fifth grade students and their families. These events were made possible through the kindness of Tampa Honda. Our school is very pleased that at each event approximately 250 people were served a delicious meal. Families were thrilled after each dinner to receive parting gifts courtesy of Support the Troops. These dinners provided our families a chance to connect with each other as well as our teaching staff in a real and genuine manner. The time spent at events like these will empower student achievement through an increased sense of community and family engagement.

Pizzo Elementary is a Title I school and is dedicated too serving many families in need. Our students and their families especially enjoyed the gifts donated by Support the Troops. The items that were shared were an incredible treat for them! Our teachers and staff commented that the children were overwhelmed by the snacks and toys and loved seeing the smiles on the faces of our students. Special thanks to our dear friend, Erick Ramirez, for reaching out to your organization and bringing this opportunity to our students and families. Erick has worked tirelessly to make these dinners an enormous success!

Thank you again for the amazing donations for our school family. Our Pizzo Bulls are incredibly appreciative of your assistance in bringing our school community closer together. Thank you for believing in our school!


Pamela Wilkins


Hillsborough County Public Schools – Pizzo Elementary