Care Packages to Africa

“Hi Mark.

How did you fare with Irma?  My neighborhood was very lucky with only minor issues and my tenants told me my house was fine, they just had to clean up the yard.

I followed up with the Lieutenant at our expeditionary wing and confirmed at least 3 of the 4 packages made it to their destination.  (The 4th may have as well, we just did not get a response to our inquiry.)  The Lieutenant sends his thanks for the morale boost for our paying agents.  Here are some of the comments we got from the airmen:

“I received the Support Our Troops package in Aug …. it’s now almost completely gone, LOL. CONs and I dove into the Girl Scout cookies … Please send my sincere Thanks!!! for the wonderful package and thoughts.”  (Niamey, Niger)

“I received a package from Support the Troops on 3 September. It was awesome! It had to be about 40 pounds of snacks. My co-workers (here in the LRF tent) and I really enjoyed everything. It was a really nice surprise!”  (Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia)

“Please send my gratitude for the awesome care package.  I was so glad to see a lot of coffee and the flight is enjoying them.”  (Agadez, Niger)

I learned it took about 3 weeks to get to Tunisia.  All of our paying agents turn over in January.  Best to mark their files for no shipments after 5 Dec.  The names are John Lauf, William Estremera, Crystal Wright and Aubrey Valentine.

Thanks so much for all you and the others do for our troops.

All the best,